Virtual Colonoscopy or Traditional Colonoscopy?

Science is making it easier for us to take preventive measures in managing our health. But that means we have to be proactive in scheduling preventive screenings when we feel perfectly healthy with no known symptoms. This is especially true when it comes to colon cancer. When caught at an early stage, colon cancer is a preventable and highly treatable cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society reports that there are now more than 1 million survivors of colorectal cancer in the U.S. today.

There are two types of image screenings: the virtual colonoscopy and the traditional colonoscopy. Both screenings will require you to prep for the procedure. Though inconvenient, it could be lifesaving. The goal of any colonoscopy is to check your overall colon health and detect polyps, small growths on the lining of the colon. The removal of polyps results in a major reduction in the likelihood of developing colorectal cancer in the future.

What to Expect During A Virtual Colonoscopy?

During a virtual colonoscopy, several CT images of the abdomen are taken and translated into a 3D image of the colon. Unlike traditional colonoscopies, virtual colonoscopies require no sedation or recovery time. The procedure takes only about 15–30 minutes and patients can get right back to their normal activities.

The American Cancer Society recognizes the accuracy of a virtual colonoscopy as an alternative to a standard colonoscopy in the detection of colon abnormalities. Plus, most major insurers cover the procedure.

Because sedation is necessary for traditional colonoscopies, recovery often takes patients the rest of the day. Patients need to have someone available to drive them home, and generally do not remember the procedure. Should polyps be identified, they can be removed or biopsied during the procedure.

Now that you know how easy it is, isn’t it time you had a virtual colonoscopy? Contact DRI Greensboro Imaging to schedule an appointment at 336.433.5000.

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