As a physician, you want to be confident of the decisions you make regarding your patients’ health. When you refer your patients to DRI (formerly Greensboro Imaging) or The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging, you can be sure you made an excellent decision.

  • DRI (formerly Greensboro Imaging) centers accredited facilities of the American College of Radiology
  • The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging is one of the select few to be designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.
  • DRI’s (formerly Greensboro Imaging) Canopy PACS system allows you to access your patient’s exam and the radiologist’s report from your computer.

Canopy-Partners PACS Patient Imaging Histories

Canopy PACS contains imaging exams and results from facilities participating in the Regional PACS Timeline. This easy and user-friendly service gives you a comprehensive view of your patient’s imaging history at these facilities. The system also allows you to easily compare past exams and results. To receive your free access to DRI's (formerly Greensboro Imaging) Canopy PACS, please contact Canopy-Partners PACS by phone at (336) 482-2408 or email us at

If you have questions about which study you should order, please check the ACR Appropriateness Criteria or feel free to call the DRI physician reading room at (336) 433-5020.

How to log in to Canopy PACS

  • Go to the MCHS Homepage
  • To expand the menu, Place your cursor over the Applications header Scroll down and click on Canopy iSite PACS.
  • Enter your Philips iSite Username and Password. Click Login. This user name and password is the same as your Imagecast username and password.
  • If you have problems signing in, need to set up and account reset a password, or for other questions or concerns regarding PACS, please call our help desk at (336) 482-2408 or email us at
Viewing a study of a fictional patient on Greensboro Imaging's PACS.

Viewing a study of a fictional patient on DRI's PACS.

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