Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

Computerized tomography (CT) scan is also known as a CAT (computer assisted tomography) scan. A CT scan takes a series of cross-sectional X-rays of the body, called slices.

CT scans were originally developed for diagnosing disorders of the brain, but are now used to image tissues throughout the body. These images can detect tumors, infections and injuries to the internal organs. Bones can be evaluated for fractures and other lesions, and the spinal canal can be assessed for narrowing, nerve impingement and disc herniation.

CT scans provide detailed studies of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. A CT scan can detect flaws not visible with a traditional X-ray. The clarity and detail provided in CT scans often eliminates the need for exploratory surgery. The ultra-thin, low dose X-ray beam used for a CT scan minimizes radiation exposure. Radiation exposure through CT scanning is typically less than that of traditional X-rays.

Lung Cancer CT Screening

Our doctors use low dose CT screening to detect lung cancer in high-risk patients. The goal is to catch the disease early, before cancer can progress to other areas of the body. Adults 50–80 years old who have a longtime history of smoking may benefit from this annual procedure.
Learn more about CT screening for lung cancer

Virtual Colonoscopy CT Screening

We are proud to offer virtual colonoscopy, a method of detecting colon cancer that requires no sedation. This quick and easy procedure has been recognized as an effective alternative to traditional colonoscopy.

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Patient Experiences

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Looking to Schedule a CT Scan?

Same-day Appointment Policy

Our 315 W. Wendover Ave. location accepts same-day "urgent" appointment patients for CT procedures anytime during 9am - 3pm.

Same-day Appointment Guidelines
Patients must have ALL following items completed prior to arrival at the above location.

  • Referring practice should communicate all guidelines below to patient
  • Physician order for CT procedure
  • Insurance authorization approved
  • Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging, LLC prefers all “same-day” urgent patients be scheduled by the provider by phone to assure all necessary items are put into Epic system prior to patient walk-in
  • Patients needing 2-hour oral contrast prep should obtain prep and be scheduled as patients no longer drink 2-hour contrast in-office
  • Referring office will need to call scheduling prior to sending same-day patient for CT scan

Patient Education

CT scanners are doughnut-shaped X-ray machines with a flat table through the center. Patients lie on the table as the table moves through the CT scanner. Depending on the area of the body being imaged, patients may be asked to drink a flavored mixture, called contrast. Often, a different type of contrast is injected through a catheter placed in a vein. Contrast helps make certain parts of the body more visible to the CT scanner.

As the table moves, the CT scanner sends a thin X-ray beam through the body and collects the emerging beam with a detector. As the beam is collected by the detector, it is measured by a computer and converted into a cross-sectional picture, or slice, of the body.

Scans can last from several minutes to a half hour for more complex cases where multiple areas of the body are being evaluated. Throughout the scan, the patient is given simple, clear instructions by the technologist.

After a study is done, the images must be viewed by a radiologist. Patients may be asked to wait until images are reviewed to ensure additional imaging is not needed.

Resources & Forms

Below are some medical forms and educational materials relating to your imaging procedure. Before your appointment at DRI Greensboro, you may wish to download, print and complete medical forms and review educational materials. Completing medical forms in the privacy of your home can save you time and effort when you arrive. 

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