Breast MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) produces detailed images of the body using magnetic fields and radio waves. MRIs can provide early detection of many conditions, including abnormalities in breast tissue.

Currently, breast MRI is not a replacement for traditional mammography, but its use is growing, especially with high-risk patients whose mammogram or ultrasound images are limited due to dense breast tissue. Additionally, a breast MRI may be recommended for further analysis of a mass or other irregularity, or it can be used to guide a biopsy if an abnormality is not seen on ultrasound or mammogram.

The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging uses breast MRI for most patients with a new diagnosis of breast cancer. Our physicians find this exam is helpful in preoperative planning and in tracking the progress of preoperative chemotherapy.

Patient Education

The Breast Center of Greensboro Imaging is committed to providing you with quality care, which includes providing accurate information and educational materials to help you understand and make informed decisions about your health.

The American Cancer Society recommends Breast MRIs, in addition to mammography, for patients with a high risk of developing breast cancer. Find out more about this recommendation.

A Breast MRI generally takes about 30 minutes and consists of several short scans that last from two to eight minutes each. During the breast MRI, the patient must lie on her stomach on a table that moves into the MRI machine. The patient must remain absolutely still during the entire procedure.

Prior to having your Breast MRI, you will be asked to change into a patient gown. You will need to remove all jewelry, hairpins, piercings, hearing aids, glasses and any other metallic objects. As part of the Breast MRI, you will be getting an IV Contrast injection. The contrast agent is Gadolinium, which “lights up” certain tissues in the breasts and helps the radiologist make their diagnosis. All contrast agents are FDA-approved and are considered safe. If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, inform your doctor and the MRI Technologist before having this study.

Patient Experiences

Every day, DRI Greensboro strives to ensure patients have the best possible experience before, during and after their exams and procedures. It shows in patient feedback.

I finished treatment on July 1, 2003 and I have been cancer free ever since. They did such quick work. The Breast Center did everything within a week, and within that week, I had an appointment with my surgeon. I really believe that finding it and promptly treating it helped me get to where I am today.
~Louise Wade

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Resources & Forms

Below are some medical forms and educational materials relating to your imaging procedure. Before your appointment at DRI Greensboro, you may wish to download, print and complete medical forms and review educational materials. Completing medical forms in the privacy of your home can save you time and effort when you arrive. 

Patients scheduled for a Breast MRI can find additional resources about the exam, including other photos and videos of the procedure.

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