Our Image of Imaging

As the Triad’s premier provider of outpatient diagnostic imaging, Greensboro Imaging is committed to educating local residents about their health and the role imaging plays. Most people strongly believe medical imaging allows for more accurate treatment decisions. However, many people are unclear about when and why they need imaging, and there are misperceptions about who interprets images, who the doctors are and where test results are analyzed. With the help of Trone Brand Energy, we conducted the Barriers Research Study and uncovered some interesting statistics about the community’s image of imaging.

Even though 80% of people agree that medical imaging techniques are some of the most valuable tools available today in support of our health and well-being, many people don’t know their facts about imaging. Did you know that radiologists are doctors? A full 72% of those surveyed didn’t. In fact, 34% of people thought imaging technologists were responsible for reviewing and interpreting medical imaging, which is the responsibility of our p/physicians. Radiologists are actually the most knowledgeable specialists involved in diagnostic imaging, and many have up to 12 years of medical training, including medical school, radiology residency and fellowship training.

Many people surveyed also didn’t know where their images are read. While 63% of people thought accuracy was largely dependent on interpretation of imaging results and 81% preferred interpretation to be done in the U.S., a surprising 88% didn’t know that interpretation is often outsourced internationally. At Greensboro Imaging, interpretation of results is done 100% locally at our imaging centers. We want to help our patients better understand imaging because our local specialists care about the health of our community and have a personal interest in keeping their neighbors healthy. Check out our infographic to help clarify imaging and to ultimately be in better control of your own healthcare.

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